Graduation Ceremony, Prizes & Awards

On December 16, 2016, the joint graduation ceremony for the three Executive MBAs: in Management of Technology, in Finance & in Healthcare, and for the CAS program, took place at the EPFL Rolex Learning Center.

At this occasion 30 EMBAs, 20 CAS in Management of Biotech, Medtech and Pharma Ventures were conferred.

During the ceremony, 3 prizes were also awarded to MoT participants to reward their excellent work:

  1. The Accenture Prizeof Excellence for an outstanding Strategic and Innovative project was awarded ex-aequo to Gaby Boza, Lucinda Gedge, Narendra Gopalkrishna and Jérôme Häni.
  2. The EPFL-UNIL Prize,for the best grades on the theoretical part of the program, was awarded to Johan van Schellebeeck.
  3. The MoT Alumni Association (MoTAA) Class Ambassador Award, was given to Adina Dorthe