Innovation Leaders Event 2019

This year’s Innovation Leader’s event focused on the topic of HealthTech, Wearables and Biodata.

The benefits and challenges of biodata, generated by wearables and other technologies, were addressed by guest speakers Maurizio Corazzini, Christopher Rudolf and Brian Hashemi.

Ideally, predictive and preventative technologies have the potential of shifting the health care system from “sick care” to “health care”, with individuals having more information, knowledge and power over their own health (and indeed increasing quality of life), and supporting health-care providers with better outcomes at a lower cost.

While having obvious benefits, the generation of biodata produces many challenges, both ethical and logistical. Can data be kept private? Are individuals willing to give up their privacy in exchange for information about their health to the larger community?   (Interestingly, the answer, posed by Brian Hashemi during the conference was a clear “yes”). How can we manage the explosion of unstructured big data? Can data sources be trusted?

Our three guests explored these benefits and challenges through different cases.

Chris Tucci, EPFL EMBA Academic Director, and Corporate Strategy Innovation Chair EPFL introduces the topic of HealthTech, Wearables and Biodata.

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Maurizio Corazzini CEO of Lightbringer Tech, presented the “Guardian Angel” a health monitoring wearable device, which combines AI technology and Biometric sensors to monitor biometric data and geolocation in order trigger rescue services in a life-threatening situation.

Christopher Rudolf, Founder and CEO of Volv Global, explored two real use case studies with completely different data sets. The first, used smart phone data to detect Parkinson’s disease with high accuracy. The second used electronic health records to successfully detect patients with rare diseases.

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Brian Hashemi from Salus Partners explored “cancer incidence and mortality: the most costly and challenging problem in healthcare”, in particular a new innovation for early detection of colorectal cancer.

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Showcasing EPFL EMBA New Venture Projects

Every year, our Innovation Leaders’ event showcases EPFL EMBA participant’s New Venture Projects, which allows our students to explore the development of a new business idea able to attract funding from investors. A promotional video for each group was shown during the event, and guests were asked to vote for their favorite new venture idea.

We congratulate the winners Preeti Molasi, Sam Fulcher and Nurcan Coskun for their project “Upcycle”, a platform that incentivizes recycling by applying redeemable digital tokens as incentives.

New Venture Project winners Preeti Molasi, Sam Fulcher and Nurcan Coskun, as voted by the audience.