Innovation Leaders 2017

presented by EPFL EMBA

Blockchain: Innovation Leaders 2017

Blockchain: Venturing into the social realm

April 27th, at 18:00

at EPFL – Auditorium SG1

Route de la Sorge – Avenue J-R. Perronet, 1015 Lausanne


18:00 Opening
Speaker: Tilo Peters
18:05 Introduction to Blockchain
Speaker: Christopher Tucci
18:15 New Venture Videos Group 1 & 2
18:20 How Blockchain can help Governments Deliver Client-Centric Services
Speaker: Daniel Gasteiger

Blockchain technology has the potential to fundamentally change the way we deal with our governments. Starting with the introduction of blockchain-based self-sovereign digital identities, we will see a massive disruption to government services both from the point of view of how we receive such services and also how we engage with governments through secure e-voting and e-democracy systems.

18:35 New Venture Videos Group 3 & 4
18:40 A (r)evolution in Charitable Donation
Speaker: Griff Green

The concept of decentralization as applied to ‘Decentralized Autonomous Organizations’ (DAOs) and lessons learned. Griff will shed light on how these valuable lessons paved the way for Decentralized Charitable Organizations (DCOs), enabling frictionless and efficient ways of distributing funds, implementing governance and executing conditions through the Smart Contract technology powered by Ethereum.

18:55 New Venture Videos Group 5 & 6
19:00 How Digital currencies are changing the way you make a difference
Speaker: Lorien Gamaraff

Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, offer far more opportunities than low fee remittances and payments and as stores of value. They allow us to directly touch the lives of people around the world without the need for intermediaries. Giving us all the ability to make the world a better place in our own small ways.

19:15 New Venture Videos Group 7
19:20 Panel Discussion: Why should we care about Blockchain?
Moderator: Grace Torrellas

The panel will discuss the extraordinary features of Blockchain and why we should care. Blockchain is presented in Use Case format to illustrate the potential and real applications that are challenging traditional business models and bringing light into black-boxed systems.

20:00 Closing Announcements
Speaker: Tilo Peters


Daniel Gasteiger
Founder of Procivis and Nexussquared

Daniel worked in the financial services industry for more than 20 years. Starting out as an FX trader at Credit Suisse, he later joined UBS to work with hedge funds and third-party banks. In his last role at UBS, he built up and managed the Office of the Chairman as a Managing Director before co-founding nexussquared, Switzerland’s Blockchain business platform in Zurich and Founder of Procivis. Daniel is a TEDxLausanne 2016 featured speaker well known for his talk “Demystifying Blockchain”

Griff Green
Founder of

Griff is one of 15 people in the world with a graduate degree in Digital Currency. He played a key role in the development and later crisis management of “The DAO” as a Community Integrator. He is a founding member of Giveth and actively speaks and promotes blockchain technology with the use of Smart Contracts and Digital currency. He is an advocate of transparency and accountability at the forefront of charitable giving.

Lorien Gamaraff
CEO of Bankymoon

Lorien co-founded the Blockchain Academy, which educates professionals on all aspects of blockchains from regulations to software development. He developed the world’s first blockchain-aware electricity smart metering system and is applying it to social and grant funding.

Grace Torrellas

StartUp Coach and executive Mentor, Technology for Social Good Advocate and Founding Member of Giveth.

Chris Tucci

Academic Director, EPFL EMBA Program
Chair of Corporate Strategy & Innovation Director

Tilo Peters
Executive Director EPFL EMBA


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EPFL – Auditorium SG1

Route de la Sorge – Avenue J-R. Perronet, 1015 Lausanne