Talking Creativity with Alistair Fee

How do you become creative? How does diversity impact creativity? Do leaders need to be creative? We discuss these topics and more with specialist in Design Thinking Innovation Alistair Fee

Alistair Fee is a radical marketing consultant with extensive worldwide links. He lectures and presents in many universities and business communities and is committed to creating remarkable business development experiences. Alistair is a European Subject Expert in Creativity and runs Innovation and Marketing Workshops to help companies, students and inventors to be more innovative, creative and market driven. He enables companies and individuals to be bold and daring with their ideas.

The Art and Science of Negotations with Gopal Rajguru

The art and science of strategic negotations.

Gopal RajGuru, professional sales educator, consultant and leadership development coach and EPFL EMBA lecturer, explains why negotiation skills are so important and shares his tips for achieving successful negotiations.

As the founder and Managing Director of Innovate+Grow Group, Gopal RajGuru is a professional sales educator, consultant and leadership development coach who works with local and global organisations across a wide variety of industries to analyse and improve their sales performance (including negotiation of course!) and leadership capability through the implementation of comprehensive methodology,  processes and tools.

Gopal has worked with companies in professional services, manufacturing, high technology (software and hardware), Internet security, e-business, building technology, and many others. His specialisation in education and coaching focuses on the sales process and leadership skills required to implement them in a sustainable way. He helps clients fill the pipeline with new opportunities, win more of the opportunities they choose to pursue, and grow business with their strategic accounts, and negotiate more effectively to capture the value created in the engagement.

He delivers sales, leadership, innovation and negotiation programs in English, French, Swedish and Norwegian, and has partners who can deliver in German, Italian, Spanish, and many others.

In addition, Gopal lectures on managing and executing sales in the EPFL EMBA program

Report: Delving into the world of B2B branding

Zurich-based branding consultancy Creative Supply–in collaboration with the EPFL EMBA – has released a new report on branding that eschews the traditional focus on consumer-facing companies, and offers fresh new perspectives for B2B companies in Switzerland and abroad.

The “Perspectives on B2B branding” offers a focus on B2B companies as well as trends and insights relevant to a Swiss audience. Its purpose is to provide readers with a better understanding of how B2B branding is evolving in Switzerland, how it affects all businesses, and why a strong brand can help companies grow.

The report provides extensive input from executives at leading Swiss B2B companies (SIX, GF, Holcim, among others), as well as original research and learnings from Creative Supply. The company has built a strong reputation over the years as a leading partner for B2B companies looking to build or rebuild their brand strategy, working with customers such as ABB, Cemex and Strausak.

The resulting insights are split into two parts. The first highlights 6 major trends shaping B2B branding practices in Switzerland and abroad, including employer branding and the benefits – and limits – of Swissness. The latter half of the report focuses on a series of 5 actionable steps B2B companies should take to start building a better brand strategy, from figuring out your unique brand story to building a powerful brand ecosystem.

Download the full Report