A high impact program focused on innovation management at one of the world’s most vibrant technology institutions


The next information session is on Wednesday evening 25 September 2024, at 18h30 (on Zoom).

(Note: If your interest relates to the upcoming program starting August 2024, please contact us directly at emba@epfl.ch with your questions).

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What is unique about the EPFL EMBA? Why study at EPFL?

How is the program structured? What are the courses and projects?

What do I need to apply? What is the admissions process?

What is it really like to do the program ?  What can I get out of it?

During this session, you will:

  • learn what makes the EPFL EMBA program unique
  • get an overview of the program content
  • find out the admission requirements
  • chat with a recent graduate


  • 18:30 – Opening of the information session
  • 18:35 – Why an EMBA at EPFL?
  • 18:50 – The EPFL EMBA Program
  • 19:10 – Graduate Testimonial
  • 19:25 – Q&A – EMBA Team