A high impact program focused on innovation management at one of the world’s most vibrant technology institutions


Anne Ong Vidal

Product Manager at UBS

With its focus on ‘harnessing innovation’, the EPFL EMBA provides me with deep knowledge, enhanced skills and hands-on tools to meet the disruptive digital challenges the banking industry is facing. Through the insightful exchanges with passionate lecturers as well as the teamwork with enthusiastic participants, the program equips me to explore new ideas and bring them through to execution for successful business transformation.

Marco Rafael

Associate Director Partnerships for Growth International at Alexion

The EPFL EMBA expanded my horizons and allowed me to step outside of my professional/industry comfort echo chamber. It provided me with the core toolset to analyze business problems, contexts, and trends from different perspectives within the big picture and significantly adding to my Health Science Background. Lastly and invaluably, the   EPFL EMBA   journey expanded my network with a group of extraordinary people.

Willem van der Werf

Global Technical Director at Honeywell

The value of the EPFL EMBA is its focus on innovation and leadership skills. It provides an unique learning experience through group challenges that encourage leveraging the diversity of culture and educational skills within the program.

Jihad Fahmé

Product Manager, HCI Solutions SA, Galenica Group

The EPFL EMBA program taught me how to think out of the box at all times and in all circumstances. It got us out of our comfort zone and proved that this is what is needed to get the best out of ourselves, and to find the most brilliant ideas. I learned how to Think Big, and think long term. The programs makes us realize that customer needs are a key and that understanding these needs can lead to unimaginable product or business innovations. The program was a wonderful trip and an exceptional experience. I recommend the program to anyone in a technology/Innovation oriented role.

Fabio Ponzio

Vice President Building Solutions at Hexagon Geosystems

The EMBA program provides an excellent overview of technology innovation and general business education. It gave me the right foundation for future business and related technology challenges.

Bruno Souza

IT Manager and Technology Strategist

The EPFL EMBA was an in-depth 360 review of the world of business and innovation, full of insights and surprises over a hands-on approach. The experience takes you to the next level of the executive mindset, where maximizing intellectual throughput with limited time becomes the rule. With its network rooted in the engineering background of EPFL it becomes the place to be to equip yourself for your next (ad)venture.

The EPFL EMBA program is at the forefront of innovation and management of technology. Two core components to navigate challenging times and adopt a forward-thinking attitude. It also offered me a unique opportunity to tackle a real business case and developed my leadership skills through various exposures to top-level executives around the world. I strongly recommend this program to anyone wishing to get out of his comfort zone.

Jonas Berlie

Data & Analytics Manager at
The World Economic Forum

The program really opened my eyes and showed me this career path. It also gave me the idea of where to start, what to look for, how to assess the academic inventions, and what is needed to convert them into new ventures. Because of my microbiology background, I knew about a huge unmet need for fast antibiotic susceptibility testing. Thanks to the EMBA and EPFL affiliation, I found the right technology for my startup.

Danuta Cichocka

Co-Founder & CEO at Resistell

The EPFL EMBA program is designed in a way that makes the theory meet the practice. Through the various assignments, I had to reflect on specific topics from both the theory as from the reality within my professional context. With these new eyes and a 360 view over the challenges within my company, I was able to formulate recommendations to my top management to solve concrete problems with the help of technology. These recommendations now form the basis of my work.

Nicolas Szewe

Head of Business Intelligence at Lombard Odier Investment Managers

Throughout my EPFL EMBA experience I enjoyed the exposure to the diverse group of professionals and the exchange of experiences and ideas that ensued. Through the new friendship fostered I now have a core group of professionals that I rely on for career advice, and as a platform for bouncing ideas off. As a humanitarian many of the topics covered were relatively unknown in my sector, allowing me to bring change, with a polish that gives me a good chance of realizing those changes.

Chris Alagna

Program Manager at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

The EPFL EMBA program taught me business concepts through real-world applications, blending theory and practice and linking assignments to my own company. This “hands-on” approach allowed me to implement my new business skills and knowledge immediately in my workplace. The program is definitively of tremendous value to supporting innovative activity and generating value to an organization. Moreover, it has been a life-changing experience and a disruptive journey, which took me far beyond the acquisition of new skills

Claire Glenat

Senior Innovation Manager at Sun Chemical